Maty Ezraty and her legacy

It is with a heavy heart that the yoga community mourns the unexpected death of Maty Ezraty, co-founder of YogaWorks. If you practice yoga with any teachers that have a strong alignment instruction in their classes, then chances are you have been influenced by the work of Maty. She has trained numerous yoga teachers, including many with the mainstream visibility that we see on platforms and at events such as YogaGlo, Alo Moves, and Wanderlust. Additionally, she touched the lives of the many students whom she taught for 34 years.

Maty Ezraty co-founded YogaWorks in 1987 and made it her mission to make this transformative discipline and practice available to everyone because she truly believed that yoga works for everybody and every body. In 2004, she felt her journey with YogaWorks was complete and began to travel the world more and work individually with students and training new teachers.

“Maty was a sharp-eyed, incisive teacher who cut through the faux-spirituality that too often afflicts what is a profound practice of seeing clearly at every level. Not everyone agreed with her methodology, but she had the vision and dedication to build a yoga school that made yoga accessible to so many people, taking it from the hippie fringe into mainstream America.” – David Kim

I began taking classes at YogaWorks in Los Angeles at the Main Street location several years ago. It is only recently (within the last 9 months) that I have had the privilege and honor to teach at our YogaWorks Atlanta studios, as well as manage the Buckhead location. The mission of this company, along with the team I work with, our amazing students and teachers, and the values that make up the heart of YogaWorks resonate so deeply within me. As I sat in the studio with nearly 40 other students this evening preparing to take class with Jeff Sousa at YogaWorks Buckhead, what he said made me realize the impact YogaWorks has had on my life. Jeff reminded us that it was Maty Ezraty’s vision and hard work that paved the path for all of us to be there on our mats, moving and breathing together, as a part of a community that holds a special place in all of our hearts.

I’ll leave you with the link for a podcast where Maty is the guest, interviewed by Andrew Sealy. If you give it a listen, you will get a glimpse into how special of a soul Maty was and will continue to be, even after her transition from the physical world.


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